• Six Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day

    Dec 8

    After months—or even years—of anticipation and planning, it’s almost here: your wedding day. In the excitement and touch of nerves, the day goes by so quickly; how can you capture the most beautiful moments, and how do you know when those moments will happen?&...

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  • 4 Tips for a Rainy Wedding Day

    Apr 26

    After months of planning, the week of your wedding has finally arrived…only to show a forecast of rain on your wedding day. A rainy wedding day may feel like the worst-case scenario, but did you know it is actually a sign of good luck? Rain doesn’t have to ...

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  • How To Choose Your Bridal Bouquet

    Apr 6

    The bride’s bouquet is a beautiful focal point to highlight the beauty of the dress and symbolize life and newness as the couple enters into marriage. It is also a key accessory that completes the bride’s outfit and ties together the wedding colors and theme.  ...

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  • Best Months for an Outdoor Wedding in Georgia

    Mar 16

    The mild climate through most months of the year makes Georgia an ideal place to host your outdoor wedding. But what month should you choose to avoid rainy or humid days? Here is our guide to choosing the best month for your outdoor wedding in Georgia.  Spring Spring weddings ...

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  • How To Bury the Bourbon for a Sunny Wedding Day

    Feb 17

    In the South, the possibility of rain for your spring or summer outdoor wedding is a persistent worry. So what do we Southerns do to welcome sunny rays and ward off those storm clouds? We bury the bourdon!  No one quite knows where the tradition comes from, but we ...

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  • Best Places To Take Engagement Photos in North Georgia

    Jan 4

    Recently engaged? Congratulations! Now, you’re looking for the best places to take engagement photos near you. In beautiful North Georgia, there are so many incredible places to take engagement photos. To make the search easier for you, we’ve listed some of our favorite outdoor photoshoot locations ...

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