Six Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day

Published December 8th, 2023 by Coldcreekadmin

After months—or even years—of anticipation and planning, it’s almost here: your wedding day. In the excitement and touch of nerves, the day goes by so quickly; how can you capture the most beautiful moments, and how do you know when those moments will happen? 

To give you a headstart, we’ve put together six moments we love seeing from our brides and grooms at Cold Creek Farm. From intimate to funny to quiet, these are the photos that will help you remember every facet of the joy and sweetness of your wedding day for years to come. 

Six Moments You MUST Capture on Your Wedding Day

The Intimate Moment 

After a night and morning apart, a moment of being reunited before the wedding ceremony is so special and intimate. Having a first touch (holding hands and talking with a door or wall between the bride and groom, but not seeing each other) or a first look (the bride and groom seeing each other in their wedding grab privately before the ceremony) is an intimate moment you’ll want to capture. This gives you and your partner privacy to reconnect before coming together as one during your vows. 

The Funny Moment 

If you’ve got eclectic or unique tastes, you’ve already considered how to add a funny moment to your wedding day. Whether it’s goofy socks, mismatched suit jacket liners, or bedazzled sneakers for the bride, these touches add humor and originality to your big day and create funny memories you’ll want to capture. 

The Romantic Moment 

Above everything else, your wedding day should be deeply romantic. Committing your life and love to someone is beautiful. Capture these romantic moments of intimacy between you and your partner as you stare into each other's eyes, kiss, or simply hug. These are the moments when you get to pause and savor your love for each other. 

The Awed Moment

Whether you had a first touch or a first look, the moment you see each other across the aisle will be filled with awe. You’ll notice your partner’s beauty and feel the deep love that has brought you to this place where you’ll commit your lives to each other. Capture that awed feeling and the look in your eyes, a moment you’ll want to reflect on and treasure for your entire married life. 

The Quiet Moment 

After the hustle and bustle of getting ready, having the ceremony, taking family photos, and attending the reception, you and your partner need a quiet moment at the end of the night. That’s why we recommend that all of our couples have a last dance. We ask all the wedding guests to line up for send-off, giving the couple a moment of quiet and privacy in their empty reception space. This allows them to stop for a moment and savor their special day while reflecting on the joy of being newlyweds. 

The Excited Moment 

At the very end of the night, after all is said and done, your send-off is a moment of excitement as your family and friends celebrate with you and your new spouse. Whether you choose sparklers, bubbles, or flowers, capture the excitement on everyone’s face as they send you off joyfully after your special day.  

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Partner with Cold Creek Farm to Make Your Moments Count

If you’re still at the beginning of your wedding planning process and need a venue to help you make all of these beautiful moments count, Cold Creek Farm would love to partner with you. We are an all-inclusive barn wedding venue in North Georgia, and we’ve been helping couples create their perfect day for over a decade. From photographers to caterers to flowers, we have the best local vendors to ensure your wedding day is everything you’re dreaming of. 

If you’d like to learn more, download our information pamphlet or contact us to book your venue tour. We would love to make all of your wedding dreams come true. 

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