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Cold Creek Farm is a family owned venue, operated by Jeff and Susan Buffington. Located in the North Georgia mountains, it was originally purchased in 2011 to be a working farm with animals and all! A few years and a great deal of hard work later, it is now a place where love is celebrated almost every weekend of the year.

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Creating Your Dream Wedding

Cold Creek Farm bestows its rustic charm and welcomes elegance to any outdoor event. Our outdoor and indoor spaces offer an exceptional amount of room not found in surrounding venues.

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Getting Out of the Office and Into Nature

Cold Creek Farm is the ideal location for your special event. If you are looking for that perfect place for your party, search no more.

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13 Amazing Ideas for a Cozy Winter Wedding in Georgia

The winter is a gorgeous season to get married. The snow makes for beautiful pictures and cold weather dresses have an elegant touch to them. The only thing you’ve got to worry about is the cold. Depending on your venue it can be tough to keep yourself and your guests cozy and warm. It’s difficult but not impossible if you know what foods and drinks to serve at your reception. You can also wear boots under your dress and put something over it if your shoulders are bare. These aren’t the only ways to stay warm at ...

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11 Country Wedding Ideas to Create The Wedding of Your Dreams

As of 2018, the marriage rate in the US is 6.5 per 1,000 people. Perhaps you've watched all your friends get married, patiently waiting for your turn. And now, it's finally here! Maybe you're a country girl and you'd love to have a rustic wedding. However, you're not the most creative person, so you need some help in this department. Not to worry! Read on for 11 country wedding ideas that'll make your big day the best it can be. 1. Flower Crowns Yes, we know that between festivals and other rustic weddings, flower crowns are a bit overdone. But that doesn't mean ...

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10 Summer Wedding Tips for the Perfect Warm Weather Wedding

Summer is one of the most popular times of year to get married. Everything is brighter, warmer, and happier. Additionally, some of the best honeymoon destinations are in the prime during the summer.  However, summer days also bring high levels of heat and discomfort, especially if you're going to be all dressed up. Many weddings, as beautiful as they are, forget to take this into account and end with hot, sweaty guests who would much rather go home than watch the happy couple get married.  Fortunately, by following some simple summer wedding tips, you can avoid common summer ...

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What Our Clients Are Saying



  • Wow! How could we ever begin to express how blessed we were to have had  the opportunity to work with Susan And Jeff from Cold Creek Farm. From  the minute we walked on the property to meet them, we knew that God had  brought us to the right place. Although we were their first wedding  reception held at the barn, I know that there will be many more events  to come for this perfect location. The setting is absolutely gorgeous,  and Susan, Jeff, and their families went above and beyond the call of  duty. They were such a big help in preparing for our day, and continued  this help throughout and after our wedding to help make sure everything  fell right into place! Everything was PERFECT and we couldn’t be any  happier with our experience there! Susan and Jeff are two of the easiest people to work with, which is so important when planning an event like a wedding reception. We would highly recommend Cold Creek Farm to anyone  looking for the perfect venue for any event, and pray that God would  continue to bless the farm, Susan, Jeff, and anyone involved with Cold  Creek Farm!

  • A huge thank you to Cold Creek Farm for making our daughter and  son-in-laws’ wedding a very blessed event. The owners, Susan and Jeff  are very easy to work with. The evening flowed seamlessly due to the lay out of the venue and their availability throughout the evening to  answer any questions we had. The landscaping is gorgeous and provided  plenty of photo opportunities. We have received so many compliments  regarding what a great place we picked. They are continuously upgrading  the venue to provide and account for any need you may have. Memories we  will cherish forever.

  • Cold Creek Farm is such a beautiful place for any event. We were blessed to have been able to have an amazing wedding reception there on  Saturday night for Kevin and Lauren! The hospitality of the owners Susan and Jeff cannot be explained in words, God puts people in your life as  blessings and he out did himself this time. We were welcomed with open  arms and could not have asked for things to have gone any better. The  barn is so beautiful and the pictures and memories are all wonderful. If anyone is looking for a place to have an event, check out this place  you will not be sorry!! Thank you Susan and Jeff for everything and may  God continue to bless you all.

  • Not only are the owners the most caring people you will meet, their  venue is gorgeous and inviting! It’s refreshing knowing you can use a  venue that has love and care wrapped inside of it. Mr. And Mrs.  Buffington treat each bride and groom as their family!

  • Cold Creek Farm is such a lovely place to have a wedding. I’m so glad  that we were able to have ours there! The owners, Susan and Jeff, are  just the sweetest people! They helped us out so much! From organizing  small details, to even helping us set stuff up for the wedding, they  really helped us out. The venue itself is gorgeous! It’s such a simple,  yet elegant place. I would definitely recommend this venue for weddings  and even other events!

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