• DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas

    Jan 20

    The best thing about planning a DIY rustic wedding is that you can get the much desirable rustic look for a cheap price. When we think of rustic, we think of natural pieces and wooden aspects. All of these wonderful details are things that we can find for close to ...

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  • How to Plan the Perfect Wedding in Georgia

    Jul 12

    Are you thinking of having your wedding in Georgia? Georgia has an irresistible combination of great weather, great venues, and that famed southern hospitality that makes it a good place to tie the knot. But there are so many scenic and beautiful places to say ‘I do’ in ...

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  • Rustic Beauty: 11 Barn Wedding Decor Ideas

    Jun 26

    There were more than 2 million marriages in the US in 2017. The number of potential locations, themes, and wedding decor options is nearly as high as the number of marriages per year. But if you've already narrowed your location down to a rustic barn, then you're one step ahead. The next ...

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  • 7 Essential Elements of Good Wedding Venues in Georgia

    May 9

    Weddings in the US cost an average of $35,329. It's no secret that weddings aren't cheap, and a big part of that budget goes toward your venue. When you're looking for the perfect place to host your festivities, you should know exactly what to look for among the many wedding ...

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  • Mother Nature's Wedding Present: 11 Ways Rain Will Improve Your Wedding Day

    Apr 26

    When asked about their worst wedding day fears, brides will always list bad weather right at the top. They want everything to be perfect and rain doesn’t play into that equation. Or does it? Rainy days have advantages sunny days can’t touch, especially when it comes to ...

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