DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas

Published January 20th, 2020 by Cold Creek Farm

The best thing about planning a DIY rustic wedding is that you can get the much desirable rustic look for a cheap price. When we think of rustic, we think of natural pieces and wooden aspects. All of these wonderful details are things that we can find for close to nothing when it comes to spending money.

So many rustic details can and should be made at home. DIY pieces made from natural elements are what screams, "rustic," in the first place. If your dream wedding is a rustic country style wedding, then worrying over the budget isn't something you need to do.

Below are several DIY rustic wedding ideas to help you save on your wedding budget!

Wedding Globes

Wedding globes are the perfect decoration to hang from the ceilings or to rest on tables. If you want to use them for the wedding ceremony, then you can hang them above the seating area or all around. For the reception, you can place them on the tables as a centerpiece or hang them in the reception area as well. 

To make DIY rustic wedding globes, you'll need foam balls of whatever size you'd like. You can even consider mixing different sizes, so choose a variety of sizes if you'd like. Then, you'll need fresh or silk baby's breath flowers and floral wire. 

You'll take the baby's breath and connect it to the foam ball using the floral wire. Once the entire foam ball is covered in the flowers, you have yourself a DIY rustic wedding globe. 

Lace and Burlap Décor

Lace and burlap are two wonderful rustic features to have at your rustic wedding. You can use these rustic materials for just about any décor piece, but using them as chair decorations is brilliant. They're super easy to make as they require little work. 

Take the burlap and create nice big bows out of it. You then need to take the lace and tie it around the center to hold the bow together. Once this is done, you can then write words like "Mr." and "Mrs." on them to distinguish the bride and groom's chairs. 

You can also use this same technique to label the chairs in your reception as well. This is a much more rustic way to tell people where they're sitting than using placeholder cards. 

Custom Invitations

You can save money on your wedding by creating your own invitations as well. Search online for some fun rustic invitation templates. There is plenty to choose from and downloading them is free!

You can purchase supplies at the craft store for printing them with. Be sure to grab some extra rustic supplies for adding in some small details as well. Use the template you choose to fill out all of the invitation's information. 

Once you've done this, consider printing out the invitations on wood-grain printer paper. This gives the full effect of a rustic invitation. You can then take twine or another type of string or yarn that goes best with your wedding style and tie it around the invitations. 

Cupcake or Cake Display

The wedding cake or cupcake display is the center of all wedding receptions. Everyone can't wait to dig into the delicious cake! Creating a rustic wedding cake or cupcake display is simple. 

Take a few rustic crates. Small ones should do just fine, but if you have a lot of cupcakes, then you can opt for larger ones. Place a white table cloth on your cake table. 

Then, use burlap to decorate around the table, attaching it to the edges and allowing it to flow off of the table. Your wedding cake goes to the center of the table while the rustic crates get placed around it. You'll then fill the rustic crates with cupcakes. 

Place the cupcakes in and on top of the crates to tie everything together. 

Barn Wedding Reception

If you're not sure where to hold your wedding reception, then look no further than a rustic barn. Having the reception in a barn is an easy way to give the wedding a rustic feel without having to do much of anything. The barn itself is rustic and adds a whole lot of character to your wedding. 

This is a great way to save for your wedding. It's a beautiful venue and will save you from having to spend money on multiple decoration items. 

Wine Barrels with Flowers

Barrels with flowers is another added touch that's easy to create but makes a huge difference. Take a couple of wine barrels and add flower bouquets to the top of them. You can probably picture in your head how amazing and rustic these look.

Once you create them, you can then place them at the entrance of either your wedding ceremony, your reception, or both! 

Rustic Vintage Table Numbers

The last DIY rustic item on our list is a rustic vintage table number. To create these table numbers, you'll need white picture frames (look for ones that have some rustic details on them), burlap, clear number stickers, cardstock, and a bone folder. 

The burlap will go inside the picture frames and used as a background. The clear number stickers then go on top of the burlap. We suggest using black numbers, which go well with the rustic theme. 

Once completed, they're the perfect rustic features for each table at your reception.

These DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas Are Simple Yet Perfect!

When planning a rustic wedding, you don't need to become haunted by financial stress. Instead, consider these DIY rustic wedding ideas and see how simple creating your own wedding can be.

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