What's on the Menu?: 9 Wedding Snacks Your Guests Will Love

Published January 20th, 2020 by Cold Creek Farm

Your wedding is the best time to get creative and serve your guests something they've never experienced before. Don't you want your wedding to be memorable for you and all of your guests?

Serving snacks at your wedding is one of the best ways to make all of your guests happy and full. You can serve snacks before the dinner or even late into the night while you're all shaking your butts on the dance floor. 

Having unique snacks is even better!

Keep reading for nine wedding snacks that your guests will surely love. 

9 Wedding Snacks Your Guests Will Love

1. Elevated Toast

When it comes to your wedding snacks and appetizers you're going to want to think outside of the box and get unique with your menu. Elevated toast is a great finger food that anyone will love. 

For the elevated toast, you start off with crispy ciabatta bread and then go from there. Toppings can range from chicken salad, avocado, pickled veggies, and so much more. You can stick with one or two kinds of toast or go crazy with it. Your guests will love munching on some delicious toast before the real meal is served. 

2. Little Pizzas

Little pizzas are a wedding snack that can be served before the main course or well into the night when everyone is looking for a bite to eat. You can go with the classic cheese and pepperoni or even opt for a margarita pizza. This is a creative way to have a fan favorite dish at your wedding. 

Everyone loves pizza! Making them miniature will just add to the uniqueness. You can even serve them in mini pizza boxes with you and your significant other's names. It is a great little detail that you can add to your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests. 

3. Soft Pretzel

Another fun and delicious snack that you should have at your wedding is soft pretzels! You can create a soft pretzel bar with tons of different dipping sauces like cheese, mustard, ranch, or anything that you can think of. This is a wedding snack that would go well before the meal but may even work better as a late-night snack.

Your guests will love seeing all the freshly baked soft pretzels and choosing delicious sauces to dip them in. Having a soft pretzel bar at your wedding will totally be a hit and something that your guests will remember!

4. Fast Food

While you might not want to bring McDonald's as a snack to your wedding ,you can still take inspiration from their menu. Serving mini burgers or sliders, a side of fries, and a coke or a beer for a late-night snack is perfect and something everyone can enjoy. 

You can even make cute boxes to serve your food in just like a take out box so your guests can grab and go. This is a snack that they can eat while they're mingling and it will surely be one that fills them up. It is also just a fun little element that you can add to your unique wedding. 

5. Trail Mix Bar

Another fun addition to your wedding would be a trail mix bar. This snack is very versatile and you can have a little something for everyone. You can also make a trail mix bar look really aesthetically pleasing and fit into any style wedding. 

Create separate jars filled with Chex mix, pretzels, m&m, your favorite nuts, or any other candies and treats you can think that would go in trial mix. This way your guests can pick and choose to make their own trail mix. You can give them little to-go bags so they can take a treat home from your wedding too!

6. Mini Pies

If you don't like cake and would rather treat your guests with a unique dessert, opt for a mini pie bar. You can have tons of different flavors of pie all in tiny pie shapes! 

Set your mini pie bar out so your guests can snack on pies all night. This is an awesome way to make your wedding feel unlike the norm and put a creative twist on it. Plus your guests can try all the different pies as they're mini!

7. Your Favorite Snack

Some people love snacking on snacks! If you and your significant other a huge snackers, then you should have your favorite snacks at your wedding. 

Whether your favorite snacks are potato chips, hot Cheetos, or popcorn, these would be awesome snacks that your guests will love. You can also figure out cute ways to serve these snacks that your guests will always remember. 

8. S'mores

Are you looking for a unique sweet treat for your guests to snack on? S'mores are a delicious snack that will create enjoyment and nostalgia for your guests. Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolatey goodness are the perfect treat for your guests. You can even get creative and offer some alternatives to the classic s'more such as adding a Reese's or using pretzels instead of graham crackers.  

This is a great snack if you're opting for an outdoor or barn wedding as it fits the theme perfectly. Cold Creek Farms offers a stone fire pit so you and your guests can stay warm and roast marshmallows under the stars. 

9. Milk and Cookies

Another awesome late-night snack to have at your wedding is everyone's favorite: milk and cookies. This snack is so easy and your guests will love indulging in some milk and cookies after spending the whole day celebrating your love. You can have a whole variety of cookies and even an entire variety of different kinds of milk to choose from. This way your guests will be sure to find the perfect evening snack to end the night. 

Weddings Snacks Your Guests Will Love

No matter what wedding snacks you choose for your special day, your guests will be sure to love them. Pick fun snacks that you can serve before dinner and even snacks for late into the night!

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