13 Amazing Ideas for a Cozy Winter Wedding in Georgia

Published February 24th, 2020 by Cold Creek Farm

Winter is a gorgeous season to get married. The snow makes for beautiful pictures and cold weather dresses like velvet add an elegant touch. The only thing you’ve got to worry about is the cold.

Depending on your wedding venue, it can be tough to keep yourself and your guests cozy and warm. It’s difficult but not impossible if you know what foods and drinks to serve at your reception. You can also wear boots under your dress and put something over it if your shoulders are bare.

These aren’t the only ways to stay warm at your winter wedding in Georgia. Check out this helpful guide to learn more.

1. Provide Warm Drinks 

Nothing will hit the spot on a cold day in Georgia like a warm drink. While coffee and tea are sometimes customary at weddings, have fun and mix it up a little. For example, provide your guests with seasonal drinks like rich hot chocolate or spiked apple cider. Don't forget to give everyone mini marshmallows and candy canes to stir their hot chocolate with. 

2. Wear Boots Under Your Dress

There's no rule stating that you have to wear fancy heels under your dress. Consider trading out those heels for a warm pair of boots, especially if it's snowing. Not only will the boots keep your toes from freezing but they have more traction than a pair of heels. This makes it less likely that you'll slip on the snow when you're walking down the aisle. 

3. Use Soup as an Appetizer 

Don't overlook the warming power of soup. Most of your guests will love it and thank you when they've got something hot in their bellies to thaw them out from the winter snow. There are a ton of hearty soups that will suit your needs perfectly. Why not give your guests a variety? 

4. Wear a Shaw 

If you fall in love with a dress that doesn't have sleeves, don't put it back on the rack. Go ahead and get it and invest in a shaw. Having a thick, furry shaw won't only keep you warm, it'll also add a nice wintery touch to your dress. If a shaw doesn't suit your style, you can also try a cape. Wearing a cape will also tie together your winter look and you can use the hood as an interesting headpiece. 

5. Give Winter Gloves as Your Wedding Favor 

Want to stop your guests from freezing while you're saying "I do"? Provide gloves as a thoughtful and useful wedding favor. Gloves are something that everyone can use during and after the wedding, and they'll think back to your special day every time they slip them on. 

6. Fun in the Snow 

With winter in Georgia comes snow at times. Instead of trying to avoid that fact, embrace it. Snow makes for a beautiful background for wedding pictures. Don't be afraid to get silly with your photo op. Throw a few snowballs, make snow angels, or build a snowman. This is less of a tip for staying warm and more of a tip to help you adjust to your choice of season and venue. 

7. Put Candles at the Reception Tables

There are a lot of neat things you can do with your decor when you're having a winter wedding. One of these is candles at the reception tables. They provide a warm, cozy glow to create a more intimate atmosphere during your reception. 

8. Bring the Heat

Many outdoor wedding venues also allow you to set up cozy heating elements during the reception like campfires or heat lamps. This will keep you and your guests warm while allowing you to spent some of your reception outdoors. 

If you go with the campfire idea, don't forget to provide the stuff to make s'mores. They're the perfect snack for the children at your reception.   

9. Blankets 

To add a little extra comfort to your wedding, have a blanket bar. Your guests will appreciate having a source of warmth so close by. You can take the opportunity to incorporate the blankets into your pictures too. A shot of the bride and groom cuddled up in a blanket is too adorable to pass up. 

10. Lanterns As Decorations 

If the owner of the venue says yes to candles, you should also bring lanterns into the mix. They'll create a warm glow throughout the room or outside area. Lanterns are a versatile decoration too. You can set them on the tables, hang them up around the venue, and more.  

11. Furry Seat Throw 

Adorning your wedding chairs with white furry throws will help sell your winter theme. They also provide your guests with a comfy place to sit and watch the ceremony. Even though your attendees won't be wrapping up in the throws, they can still keep them warm as well. 

12. Bring on the Seasonal Flavors 

They're many things that can help set the mood of your wedding. There's music, lighting, and food. Incorporating seasonal flavors into your menu like cranberries, cloves, apples, mint, and vanilla will really put your guests in the seasonal spirit. 

13. Winter Colors 

You can use your wedding colors along with lighting to create a warm contrast. Pick out winter colors like blues, greens, and whites. Once you've chosen your colors, use fairy lights and candles to cast a warm glow throughout the venue.  

Keep Yourself and Your Guests Cozy During Your Winter Wedding 

Having a winter wedding in Georgia is gorgeous but cold. If you don't take measures to make things cozy you'll end up with unhappy, shivering guests. Use these tips to heat up your winter wonderland. 

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